Sports clinic Hellersen successfully certified

Investment in the future of the orthopedic specialty clinic

Top-level medicine and all-round care for patients are the aspirations of the Hellersen Sports Clinic. That this is fulfilled is shown by the ISO 9001 certificate that the orthopedic specialty clinic recently received. "In today's world, proof of competence and performance is all the more important. I am therefore very pleased that together as a clinic we have achieved this feat and received this award. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the employees involved for their cooperation," says the clinic's CEO, Dirk Burghaus.

The ISO 9001 certificate demonstrates compliance with specified requirements in the healthcare sector and is a globally recognized standard in the field of quality management. It documents the continuous improvement process in the clinic. It also integrates risk management into the quality system and, as a result, also ensures increased cost-effectiveness as well as better patient care and the associated patient satisfaction. Every process or workflow that takes place in the clinic must be recorded.

Following the successful award at the end of the year, a surveillance audit will take place every year in the future, as well as a re-certification after three years. This shows that the ISO 9001 certificate is not a one-time certification, but a sustainable investment in the future of the Lüdenscheid special clinic.

"With this successful certification, we show what high quality we offer and remain competitive with other clinics. A big step in times like these, with new structural plans for hospitals and the entire healthcare system. In this way, we are stabilizing our position in the hospital market and showing that we are future-proof, which is essential today," explains Dirk Burghaus. Together with the employees of the quality management, Martina Niemeier (Head of Medical Controlling), Marielena Köster and Sevgi Aksoy, as well as clinic director Stephan Franz, the chairman of the board of the Sportklinik Hellersen, Dirk Burghaus, accepted the certificate.


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