Special clinic orthopaedics

  • Father and son side by side in the operating room

    Adifferent kind of family business: The Hagenah family is the sports clinic family
    When Dr. Joachim Hagenah thinks of the Hellersen Sports Clinic, he thinks of family. Of the sports clinic family, to which he has belonged for over 18 years, but also of his own, his wife and his three sons.

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  • Sportklinik Hellersen is the first clinic in the Märkischer Kreis to offer online appointments

    Better patient care through fast and efficient appointment management
    In order to optimize the service for patients in the long term and relieve the medical staff permanently, the Hellersen Sports Clinic and the Medical Care Center of the Hellersen Sports Clinic, cooperate with the e-health service…

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  • Sportklinik Hellersen belongs to the TOP clinics in Germany

    FOCUS Health awards Lüdenscheid specialty clinic in no less than four categories
    A particularly high level of expertise has distinguished the Hellersen Sports Clinic at national level for more than 75 years. This has now been proven once again by the award from FOCUS Gesundheit: in no less than four…

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  • Sportklinik Hellersen belongs to top hospitals in Germany

    Stern magazine honors specialty clinic in spine surgery
    When it comes to health, it's also about trust. The large list of the Stern magazine "Germany's excellent hospitals" shows how many people trust in the expertise of the Sportklinik Hellersen, in which the Lüdenscheid special clinic is also…

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  • Sports clinic Hellersen successfully certified

    Investment in the future of the orthopedic specialty clinic
    Top-level medicine and all-round care for patients are the aspirations of the Hellersen Sports Clinic. The ISO 9001 certificate that the orthopedic specialty clinic recently received shows that this is being met.

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  • 100 percent sterile and still sustainable in the operating room

    Cooperation with Lüdenscheid-based company
    The clock is ticking. Climate change continues to advance. This makes the issue of sustainability all the more important. However, sustainability is usually difficult to implement, especially for a hospital and in the operating room, where the top priority…

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  • Do not wait too long for fear

    Keep an eye on the time frame even for elective surgery
    An emergency is urgent and usually requires immediate surgery. Postponement is not possible. With an elective - i.e., plannable - procedure, it's a different story.

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  • The expert for the hip

    Dr. Joachim Hagenah, head physician of the endoprosthetics department at the Hellersen Sports Clinic, explains why experience minimizes risks
    Hip surgery is a major operation that should be well planned. For Dr. Joachim Hagenah, however, it is routine. He has been working at the Hellersen Sports…

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