A stroke of fate led Katharina Krömer to the sports clinic

Dual studies possible again next year

July 20, 2016 changed everything in Katharina Krömer's life. Due to an accident at work, the now 28-year-old was suddenly no longer able to work in her learned profession as a graduate physiotherapist. The training and additional studies in Utrecht were to be in vain. She was no longer able to do heavy physical work.

At the same time, she enjoyed her profession very much, constantly educated herself and especially the care of top athletes had always been her goal. Her employer at the time gave her the opportunity to coach the BVB women's handball team. Whether it was seven days at a training camp or twice a week after training, she really enjoyed working with the athletes and invested a lot of time. But with her inability to work, this dream also came to an end.

A new start was inevitable. But from the beginning she didn't want to just accept the situation, she wanted to do something. And it was clear to her that even if it couldn't be the profession she had learned, she still wanted to stay in the healthcare sector. She wanted to find a job that was somehow close to her previous profession and where she could possibly contribute her knowledge.

And that's where the Hellersen Sports Clinic came in. Last year, the orthopedic clinic entered into a cooperation with the private university IUBH Dortmund as a practical partner for the first time, and Katharina Krömer became the first dual student in the health management program at the sports clinic. She already knew the hospital through previous patients and had only heard good things about it. She was all the more pleased to be able to complete her training there.

In October 2019, Katharina Krömer began her dual studies at the Hellersen Sports Clinic. Three days a week she works in the clinic's administration, the other days she is at the university.

A little more than a year has passed since the 28-year-old began her new phase of life. Three days a week she works in the administration of the sports clinic, the other two days she is at the university. First, Katharina Krömer learned about admissions. Currently she works in the human resources department and next she will get an insight into financial accounting. She will go through many administrative areas during her studies and she enjoys it a lot. She can also see herself working in this area in the future. "I have liked the human resources department best so far," says Katharina Krömer.

Next year, the Hellersen Sports Clinic will again offer a dual study program in health management. Applications are now possible, but must be made separately to the Hellersen Sports Clinic for the practical part of the study and to an appropriate university or university of applied sciences for the school-based part. Ideally, the applicant already has a commitment for a study place, explains Leonie Schaulandt, head of the human resources department. Applications are possible to it over the Internet side of the sport hospital Hellersen, under the rider career and on-line application, by E-Mail to karriere@hellersen.de or by post office to the personnel department of the sport hospital Hellersen, Paulmannshöher road 17 in 58515 Lüdenscheid.


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