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When is the time ripe for an artificial joint?

Do you have pain in your hip or knee? Do you already know that you need an artificial joint, but are afraid that it might be too soon? In order to be able to play sports again and romp around with the grandchildren, it is important that as much of your own bone as possible is preserved for the implantation of the artificial joint. If the time for an endoprosthesis is delayed too long, other parts of the patient's own joint may be affected and complications may arise. On the other hand, an artificial joint should not be implanted too early and the patient's own joints should be preserved for as long as possible.

With their many years of experience, our specialists in artificial joint replacement can accurately assess up to what point joint-preserving measures make sense and when the time is right for an artificial joint.

Our specialists will help you get moving again

Our team of specialists at Endoprothtik Hellersen implants 850 knee and hip prostheses alone every year. We also perform shoulder prostheses, elbow prostheses, ankle prostheses and artificial joint replacements of the wrist and finger joints, such as thumb saddle joint prostheses. We work with the world's leading manufacturers of artificial joints to ensure that each patient receives the best possible joint replacement.


Focal points of treatment

  • Installation of artificial joints
  • Replacement operations
  • Treatment of infected endoprostheses


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