• Father and son side by side in the operating room

    Adifferent kind of family business: The Hagenah family is the sports clinic family
    When Dr. Joachim Hagenah thinks of the Hellersen Sports Clinic, he thinks of family. Of the sports clinic family, to which he has belonged for over 18 years, but also of his own, his wife and his three sons.

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  • How a 73-year-old pensioner travels 1,600 kilometers with three artificial joints

    Enjoyinglife again thanks to surgery at the Hellersen Sports Clinic
    For Wolfram Fischer, sport is his elixir of life. Every day he feels an enormous urge to move and covers up to 50 kilometers a day - either on his bike or in his running shoes, the main thing being through the local forests in the…

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  • Do not wait too long for fear

    Keep an eye on the time frame even for elective surgery
    An emergency is urgent and usually requires immediate surgery. Postponement is not possible. With an elective - i.e., plannable - procedure, it's a different story.

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  • The expert for the hip

    Dr. Joachim Hagenah, head physician of the endoprosthetics department at the Hellersen Sports Clinic, explains why experience minimizes risks
    Hip surgery is a major operation that should be well planned. For Dr. Joachim Hagenah, however, it is routine. He has been working at the Hellersen Sports…

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